Saturday, April 11, 2009

Notes from the road -- Perth, ON

Hi folks!

We're just checking in after the second concert of our mini "pre-release" tour, tonight in Sussex, NB.

Didn't get a chance to report on our first concert yet. We played Thursday night in Perth, Ontario -- a concert set up by our friend Sue Tennant (Music on McLean house concerts) at The Crown Pub and Restaurant. We had a lot of fun, and got a chance to see many friends we haven't seen for ages.

The Crown has music nights every Thursday and Saturday, but apparently it's usually cover bands playing. This made us a little nervous, since the only covers we do are by our friends, and we have never learned all the words to "Free Bird" or "American Pie"... It might have made the owners a little nervous too, but fortunately Sue is a very persuasive soul, and she talked them in to hiring us.

Well, if any of us had misgivings, they were all gone by the end of the night. It was one of the most attentive audiences we've had to date -- they were paying attention, whooping it up when the song called for it, and waiting until the last chord faded away on the slow songs (you could have heard a pin drop) before applauding. This was definitely the most appreciated either of us has ever felt at a bar gig!

Adam Tennant did our sound, and did a fabulous job. That wasn't an easy room to control, and he got it just right. Many thanks to him for stepping in!

Some food notes -- the Angel Hair pasta was to die for. :-) (Hey, vegetarians don't get a lot of choice on the road, but this was terrific!)

Friday was spent driving like maniacs through La Belle Province. And today... well, you'll just have to read the next entry to find out about today!

Musically, and with a very nice glass of wine in my hand,

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