Friday, May 1, 2009

Well, so much for the road...

Internet access was hard to come by for much of our trip, so I'm afraid you'll have to get a condensed version now!

We had a wonderful time at the Joy Laking Gallery in Portapique, NS -- her art is absolutely gorgeous, and it was an honour to play surrounded by it!

The Carleton is an amazing venue -- Halifax musicians are very lucky, indeed! Mike and Mike (the owners) are tremendously artist-friendly, and they will actually kick an audience member out if they make too much noise while the musicians are performing! (Didn't happen when we were there, but it's their policy, and it's apparently been done.) Thanks so much to our friend Kev Corbett for inviting us to "Sing For Your Supper" -- a new series he's hosting there. April Hayward was the other featured performer -- a beautiful voice, keep an ear out for her when she releases her debut CD later this year.

And then it was our house concert at Anne & Arch's at Boutiliers Point (just outside of Halifax). What a spectacular house and a spectacular view! I'd be writing songs at the kitchen table all day long if I had a view of the bay and islands... It was their first time hosting a house concert, which Acoustic Roof's dynamo Paula Fredericks talked them into doing for us. They invited us back, so I guess we didn't scare them away from the concept!

Our final stop in the maritimes was Crumbs cafe in Fredericton, NB, where I finally got to collect my hugs from online buddy Dirk Dillinger (who booked us in). Met some new friends in a new city, and had a fun evening. As an added bonus, Linsay Nickum came out from behind the counter and treated us to a few of her songs too -- another talented lady. :-)

We had a lovely stop near Lennoxville on our way home with Janice and David, who will be hosting us at the Church Street Cafe in December. It was a nice way to finish off the trip, and if anyone ever needs a map drawn, Janice is your girl -- even I, the queen of getting lost, could not POSSIBLY have gotten lost with Janice's map in my hand. I'll take Janice's route over Mapquest's, any day (the way they sent us in was... er... one of the more creative routes I've ever seen!).

And so, we got home and into the mad rush of preparing for the CD Release. Which, incidentally is this Sunday. So you just KNOW I'm going to be blogging again shortly. :-)


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