Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We just had a fabulous weekend at the Barrie Folk Festival. Don and I both performed (both as solo acts and me with the now-defunct The Als) in the first BarrieFolk, and it's hard to believe this was already the fifth!

Since the very beginning, the organizers have been... well, just that -- incredibly well-organized. They've got a great team on board, and they sure treat their artists well.

Other than the tasty food and drink, I'd have to say our biggest highlight -- by far -- was our workshop in the Last Class pub with The Good Lovelies and Sheesham & Lotus. We'd seen them both perform before, and Don had met the Lovelies when we were at the Shelter Valley Folk Festival this summer (imagine that, Don chatting up pretty young women! :-) ), but this was the first time we got to play together -- what fun! Both acts did some kick-ass concerts later in the evening, too. If you're not familiar with them, go Go GO!!! They're amazing.

We'll try to do a better job at this here blogging thing -- I know, famous last words. But we'll try. :-)


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