Saturday, July 31, 2010

Champagne, day 2 - but no strawberries

Hello all!  So much for writing a new "episode" every day... my work ethic is obviously still enjoying our honeymoon.  :-)

We had been wise enough to book ourselves a room at the local hotel for our wedding night -- our helpful friends stayed at the house (can't make them pay for a hotel room when they've just decorated and flowered and organized us!)  Our friends Ken & Arlene drove us there after the ceremony (well, Ken drove... 'nuff said!), with our house guests and groomsman Paul bringing all our stuff home.  Yes, this is definitely where I started getting used to being lazy!

We thought we'd go fancy for our wedding night, so had booked a room with jacuzzi, fireplace and a bottle of champagne.  When we got there, however, there was rien du bubbly!!!  Called down to the front desk, who said the bar was closed and locked up and they couldn't do anything about it.  Grrr... Probably a good thing, anyhow, because we had to get up the next morning!

Yes, in one of those "what were we thinking?" moments, we had decided to host a family brunch at our house the morning after the night before.  Of course, what we WERE thinking of was how much we'd like a chance to visit the folks who had come from all over the place.  What we WEREN'T thinking of was a) panic cleaning, b) how to provide brunch for 30 people, and c) that whole thing about MORNING.  :-)  In the last couple of weeks, I had been able to convince my darling husband (yay!) that he shouldn't expect himself to cook for 30 people the day after his wedding, so we'd gotten the catering team from Sixteen Front to look after the food part.  And, when we returned to the house, our darling Ali (yay!) had already done most of the panic-cleaning for us.  Did we mention how incredibly generous Ali is???

All I had to do was put on my "Bride" hat (also provided by Ali), and put out the cutlery.  All Don had to do was pour the champagne for the mimosas!  (Not a day of champagne and strawberries, but we did have champagne and orange juice, so that oughta count for something...)

Brunch was yet another social whirlwind -- we got to visit a bit more with family, but still not anywhere near as long as we'd have liked to.  Folks started trickling out mid-afternoon, with Ali and brother Bruce staying to help pack up the leftovers and tidy up, and then we were left to our own devices.

I think I forgot to mention before, but Ali & Lisa had put together a framed picture of the flowers from our bouquets, with a writeable-onable frame for everyone to sign.  So we read through that, and our guestbook. and then went to tackle the pile of prezzies, from the many folks who chose to ignore the "no presents" instructions that were so clearly given!  ;-)  We couldn't help but notice a "theme" in them all: I think we'll have enough champagne and single-malt to last the year!  (Ah yes, you folks know us well... too well, perhaps.)

After a nice brisk nap (3 hours!), we did a couple loads of laundry, and started packing for the HONEYMOON!

Will get to that tomorrow... honest, I mean it!  :-)

Musically and matrimonially,

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