Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thursday's variation - champagne and mango!

(Sorry for the delay, folks -- my report of our honeymoon got interrupted by yet another vacation.   Decadence!)

Thursday morning, we awakened to a beautiful day.  We opted for a large, late breakfast, so we could skip lunch that day, then have an early dinner (reason why later!).  I went all out and had the "omelette supreme", which lived up to its name in fine fashion.  Once finished, we grabbed a sticky bun for "dessert" and an extra mug of coffee and headed down to the deck gazebo to enjoy the breeze.

As this was our last full day at the Inn, and we hadn't actually taken advantage of any of the boats or other recreational offerings, we decided to grab a canoe and make some attempt at exercise.  While my technique was pretty rusty and Don's was... ahem... yet-to-be-learned (onlookers would have enjoyed our lovely zig-zag pattern, though!), we had a nice tootle around Eagle Lake, peeking in at cottage properties and fantasizing about having our own fully maintenance-free one (hey, it's a fantasy!).  We had the distant company of a pair of loons for much of our jaunt -- so, although our steering may have been questionable, we obviously weren't splashing around too much for their comfort!

Feeling virtuous, we headed back to the room for a wee nap for our last-day double-header.

And what a double-header!  Two full hours of pampering at the hands of the spa staff.  Ahhh...  It started with a Champagne Mimosa Sugar Scrub, with the ladies rubbing us down in loofa-like mitts with, yes, champagne and sugar and a bunch of yummy-smelling oils.  Once we were suitably exfoliated, we were coated with a gooey, deliciously-scented Mango Enzyme Body Wrap, and then twisted into a warm linen cocoon.  While we relaxed there in ooey-gooey goodness, we were treated to a blissful face and scalp massage.  Did I mention, "ahhh..."?  Once this segment was over, they sent our cocooned bodies waddling into the shower room, where we rinsed off the mango and grabbed some fresh robes, only to head right on back into the treatment room for our moisturizing treatment -- Don stuck to the mango, I went for the champagne.  :-)  This final goop-ing was followed by an hour-long massage.  Oh me oh my...

We floated back to our room with orders to drink lots and lots of water.  Which we did, until we decided it was time for a final beer on the patio.  Sigh...

Early (well, for us, anyhow!) dinner -- our final one.  We descended to the wine cellar for a special bottle of red to celebrate our last night.  At the table, our waitress said the chef had gotten creative for me once again, and there was a non-menu item he'd made especially for me.  Woo-hoo!  It was absolutely incredible -- I don't know why he didn't include such a masterpiece on the main menu, because even die-hard carnivores would have probably enjoyed it.  Little puff-pastry-like forms of baked whipped potato (and something else, I assume, to help them keep their shapes), filled with a delicious lentil (yes, those words can go together!) peppery mixture that made me wonder how on earth I used to think I didn't like lentils.  I would have asked for the recipe, except... it didn't quite seem like the kind of thing you can cook in 30-minutes-or-less, which is usually the extent of my culinary concentration.  I'll just have to go back and ask for it next year!  Somehow, I was negligent and didn't write down either the appetizer or the dessert -- and my memory ain't what it used to be.  I know they were really good, and I remember being surprised that I ate everything on my plate for all three courses, but I can't remember what two of those courses were... drat!  Apologies...

We took our final glass of wine out on the deck to savour and digest for a bit.  Then it was time for our late-night visit to the WaterSpa!  It truly is a different experience at night, and we were fortunate to have the place to ourselves.  Bathing by mostly moonlight, with some little tiny star-like lights in the ceiling, and a warm glow coming from... well, never figured it out, exactly, but wasn't interested in the technology at the time, I have to say!  If we weren't relaxed enough by the earlier champagne and mango treatments, we certainly were by the end of our WaterSpa circuit.

Don went to the bar to ask for a couple of champagne glasses and an ice bucket, so we could enjoy one of the bottles of champagne we were given as a wedding present (this one was yours, Debbie and Mitchell -- thanks!).  The bartender handed him an ice bucket, then frowned and grabbed it back, saying that wasn't nice enough for a last-night celebration with wedding champagne.  He came back with a fancy silver ice bucket, and carefully selected and polished two glasses to send up to the room.  Now that's class treatment!

And so we spent our last night finishing off the chocolate strawberries with a bottle of champagne in a fancy bucket with hand-polished glasses -- opting to skip the hot-tub this time!  :-)

We WILL be back...

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