Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ready for our close-up...

Well, rehearsal didn't happen -- Don had his beauty nap, and I worked on the dreaded PR mountain for most of the afternoon.   Then Sam got home from work much earlier than expected, AND we got a phone call that a studio was available from 4-8, so we gulped down a wee snack, primping ensued (Don and I), and Sam gathered his gear.

The studio was on the third floor of an old warehouse in the Market district, complete with a crumbling plaster wall that made Sam jump up and down excitedly.  Photographers are weird... :-)  The late afternoon sun coming through the corner window sent him into near hysteria!  The lights there were less than optimal, but --  kind of like my poor ol' laptop -- if you gave them a bit of a rest from time to time, they'd get back at it. 

We'd come equipped with several wardrobe changes and a bottle of wine -- we'd told Sam how uncomfortable we were getting our photos taken, so he was determined to relax us (and he assured us the red noses could be airbrushed out later!) 

We mentioned sam was an amazing photographer, right?  Well, we'll show you some samples soon, but... suffice it to say that he was actually able to get several pictures of Don not only smiling, but relaxed and smiling.  And that was even BEFORE we cracked open the wine bottle.  The man's a genius. :-) 

We took advantage of the natural light and the crumbly wall for the first hour or so, and got a number of nice ones hanging out on an old white sofa.   Sam was excited about the lines and light and shape.  We were excited that we didn't look like ugly morons.  Different strokes...  We took a wine break to peruse the first half of the photos, and try to mop up some sweat -- third floor of an old building, hot day, and all that sitting around and looking good takes a lot of energy, damnit!  We then moved to another corner of the room with a plain background and did another set -- we haven't had a chance to look at the second half, but Sam kept yelling nice things, so we're guessing there's a few good ones there too.  Either that or the wine got to him... 

Four hours went pretty quickly -- we were surprised!  Back to the house for some snacks and chats, and then we all trickled off to bed.

We promise to post samples once Sam's had a chance to upload them -- please don't expect us to ever look this good in real life! 

Musically -- and occasionally photogenically,

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