Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Back to the land of the living

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

We got the best gift we could ask for -- we got our lives back.  And with our lives comes our career.

After several months of recovery from cancer surgery for Don, and several more months of not daring to plan ahead more than a few days, today we received the "all clear" -- Don is 100% cancer-free!!!

Which means, other than the obvious round of happy-dances, and one hell of a celebration later tonight, we can now get started planning tours and albums and such things that we have been unable to do since the summer.

Our first venture out will be this June -- we've already got a couple of things lined up for Nova Scotia, but will be "pestering" our presenters and fans shortly to build on that tour.  And yes, we can finally plan even further ahead -- ooh, we can be responsible little folkies and get back to the 2- and 5-year plans.

Thinking 2 and 5 years in advance again?!?!?  YAHOOOOO!!!

Brace yourselves -- The Brights are back in the land of the living.  The living and loving and dreaming.  :-)

Don & Alyssa

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