Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Catching up on the BC backlog

Hello, folks and folkettes -- we've had the wonderful problem of having too many people to visit on our BC tour, so have been pretty terrible at blogging thus far.  Our apologies, we aren't lost in the Rockies, just swimming in socialness.  :-)

Take a quick peek at Alyssa's blog post at http://alyssawright.blogspot.com/2011/02/life-and-living.html for a toe-dip into our time at the Victor Wooten workshop at The Haven -- there will be much more to come from that week, we're sure!

In the meantime, to keep Alyssa's obsessively chronological side happy, we'll try to get back to where we left off -- essentially, the beginning!

Spent a lovely first day in Victoria with our host Sandra and dog Amber (unfortunately, Landon was hard at work, so we had to wait for a visit with him).  We got a lovely tour of the city and discovered a tasty bakery in Oak Bay (mmm... fresh bread!) before heading back to the house for a light supper before our show.  Then it was off to Pondside!

Pondside Music is a house concert series hosted by Juliana and Douglas McCorison -- a lovely home, nestled between the ocean and a large Koi pond.  This was our first time meeting them in person, although Alyssa had played on her CD (with Don recording) several years ago.  What a delight to finally meet in real life!

We were greeted by a melange of dogs and cats, all super-friendly.  The white cat (whose name I forget, now that it's a week and a half later) attempted to set up shop inside our cajon -- fortunately she was caught in time, or she (and we) would have had quite a surprise once the concert started!

The jet-lag did have a bit of an effect on our energy, but we still had a fun time, and didn't forget TOO many lyrics.  We received many comments at break and after the show about how much fun we seemed to have playing together, so we obviously weren't as dazed as we thought we were.  :-)

"From the moment you two started to play, I could just feel the joy coming from you and filling us all.  It's so great to watch, and be a part of!" [Douglas McCorison, our host at Pondside Music]

It seemed that almost half the audience that night were musicians themselves, so we had a great time at the break chatting with everyone and trading road stories.  We have definitely gotten the impression that not many people in Victoria (or on Vancouver Island, for that matter) are local -- we've met many Ontario transplants on our travels here!

And so, our first concert in BC went very well, and we met a bunch of new friends.  Another comment which we've gotten used to on this trip has been "I just wish there were more people here to enjoy you!" -- well, we're ever-so-likely to be back in September, so tell all your friends, and there will be!  :-)

Juliana and Douglas suggested we check out the Victoria Folk Music Society, which we did the following week... but once again, we're getting ahead of ourselves.  More later, we've got a lot to catch up on and not much internet time!

Alyssa & Don

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