Saturday, February 19, 2011

Grand Forks -- GRAAANNNDDD Forks!

Hello, folks and folkettes,

We interrupt our (Alyssa's) anally-retentive chronological order to report -- WE LOVE GRAND FORKS!!!

What a spectacular evening we've just had!  The drive here was absolutely beautiful, if you ignore the deer massacre we witnessed en route.  (We're still very sad about that one...)

2nd Street Studio B is an incredibly gorgeous venue, and Brigitte is an incredibly gorgeous host.  There seems to be a great community here, and Brigitte and her new venue are only going to make it stronger.

We arrived mid-afternoon, gave her a call, and she was at the studio in minutes, full of apologies for not cooking us a full dinner -- are you kidding us?!?!?  Instead, we had to endure a wide array of cheeses and olives and pickles -- poor us.  :-(  How we suffer for our art...

The room sounded so good, we decided to forego the P.A.  It's part of the old Gazette building -- the community paper -- with bare brick walls and wood beams and old wood floors and a beautiful loft, where we'll be sleeping tonight.  The acoustics were incredible, and the "feel" is warm and supportive.  A flick of the clicker, and a beautiful light display illuminated the wall behind the stage, and the rest of the room was warmed with hand-crafted iron floor lamps made by her friend Angel.

Angel and her partner Mireille looked after the door and CD sales, and they were such wonderful people, we wanted to take them on the road with us!  Angel joked she wanted to be our bouncer, but the audience was so friendly, there was no need.  What a fabulous community they have in Grand Forks!

This was the very first concert in Brigitte's new studio, and our first time anywhere near the town.  Definitely not the last.  It was an incredible honour to be part of this evening.  The amount of love that has gone into this space is tangible and humbling.

Brigitte was worried there wouldn't be enough people, but ended up having to put out extra chairs.  What a nice problem to have!  We even had a couple of tiny people in the audience, both of whom behaved way better than many grown-ups we've encountered.  A bunch of folks stayed after the show for a wee visit, and we will definitely be seeing them again in September -- it's been a great evening!

But, on that note, it might be time for some shut-eye... must drive back to Kelowna in the morning!  But any of you in the Grand Forks area HAVE to visit Brigitte's open house on Feb.26 here at 2nd Street Studio B.  Beautiful place, beautiful people!

Alyssa & Don

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