Thursday, December 3, 2009

Between a truck and a hard place...

Thank goodness we didn't take the logging road! And thank Dog we got the snow tires on.

There is coffee in Campbellton, and a very nice gas jockey at the Ultramar. I chastised myself for being bad and getting an apple fritter, but now I consider it a just reward -- I think my body is probably processing calories double-time, as we drive (well, Don drives...) through the Appalachians in alternating snow (snowballs, not snowflakes) and freezing rain, with one transport truck in front and one behind. Let's hope Mom doesn't read these blogs, for sure!

Around us, everything is picture-postcard beautiful. Evergreens hunched under blankets of snow. The ocean view now giving way to beautiful mountain vistas. The faint whisper of Alyssa hollering "slow down, we're all gonna die!!!"... The half a plastic Santa "caught" in the garage door, as if to hammer that thought home... Keeping our eyes peeled for Moose, with not many options if we do spot one... Oh yeah, that apple fritter was definitely justified. I may even have to order myself a plate of poutine once we hit the border -- heart-attack, schmart-attack. ;-)

The houses around here are all quite small and don't look like they'd survive the winds we're feeling -- don't think it's the richest part of the province along this highway -- but they're all cheerily painted and lovingly cared-for, and lots of big snow-encrusted Newfs and other large pups guarding the fort. The kids around here must have gotten a snow day, because we've been waved at by many cheery tykes. Why is it only grown-ups complain about this weather? Ah yes, the driving and "we're all gonna die" thoughts... (Mom, you should have stopped reading a long time ago...)

Hmmm... perhaps I should have called this blog entry "what goes up must come down", because after making our way up the mountain for half an hour, it looks like we're starting down. Let's hope that truck behind us has good snow tires!

Or maybe it should be "here comes the rain again", because here we are back into rainstorm. The roads snowless enough to make you cocky, until aforementioned large ruminant decides to skip across the highway... Maybe I should have gotten two apple fritters.

But thank goodness we didn't take the logging road... and thank Dog for snow tires.

And we're listening to our newest-favourite CD by Kev Corbett, "Son of a Rudderless Boat". "Driving Song" just came on... how apropos! "This single-lane roads and double-lane trucks... But don't worry hon, I ain't gonna die... without seeing your face" :-)

OK darlings, we're into plain rain now. Looking warmer now. "Hallelujah! See? I didn't die..."

Thanks for helping distract me.

Yes mom, I'll let you know when we hit Highway 2. ;-)


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