Thursday, December 3, 2009

More surprises

Hi folks!

Well, we're in the middle of our first winter storm, in northern New Brunswick. When we left Clifton this morning, it was just a little drizzly. We've driven through freezing rain, rain, hail, and now snow. Not pleasant. We keep driving by people stopped on the other side of the road -- not sure why it's so much worse coming the other way! Apparently, Quebec city is 11 degrees and raining -- so if we can make it through New Brunswick, it all should get better.

Fortunately, our hosts gave us better directions than MapQuest, otherwise we would have been in for even MORE of a surprise! Apparently, the "highway" those digital genii were going to send us on is actually a logging road, and our suspension would have been toast. Thank goodness for real people. :-)

But... backtrack to the first surprise from yesterday. Seems like even total strangers read my warbling from time to time. :-) I got a lovely note from one of the owners of the Brooklyn Warehouse, thanking me for my comments about the restaurant. Who knew? (Guess this means I should be more careful when complaining about Mom's pot roast, too -- you never know who's paying attention!)

The other surprise happened when I discovered that a friend I'd met from my Cannington days was now living just outside of Bathurst, NB. Kathryn was the minister at Wilfrid United Church, where I replaced the music director for a couple of summers, and now she's got a new charge in Clifton, NB. I suggested we pop in for a quick visit, and she invited us to spend the night, and give a wee concert to her choir, who was meeting for rehearsal that evening. Kathryn's husband Roger made us a delicious curry dinner, and we had a very nice visit before she headed over to choir practise. Practically the entire choir came back to the manse afterwards, and we did a little house concert. I think we've got them hooked -- Kathryn was making plans. ;-)

This morning, we had a quick breakfast (we were offered something fancier, but breakfast and I don't get along very well when we're in a hurry, and we wanted to try and avoid the worst of the storm), then got a nice tour of Kathryn's church before we headed off to brave the elements.

And now hear we are, about to make a pit stop in Campellton for a much-needed coffee. Yup, back to the food and beverage report! :-)


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