Friday, December 4, 2009

Here comes the sun... doo-be-doo-dooo!

Hi folks,

Friday morning, and we're driving to our last gig of the tour -- under MUCH nicer conditions than yesterday, lemme tell ya!

Almost as soon as we checked in, Don had a nice 2-hour nap at the motel. Fell asleep with his coat still on, no less, so finally woke up because he was too hot. :-) The idea of driving even to the ferry filled us with blech, so we opted instead to walk all the way next door to the Normandin. We had a nice waitress who giggled with us as we tried to remember our French, and then giggled as she tried to remember her English.

Considering that Normandin is basically a 24-hour truck stop, we were both pleasantly surprised with the quality of our meal. I had salmon on a bed of egg noodles and covered with a bruchetta-like topping. Don had ribs, and I managed to eat half his fries. I don't know why I was so hungry -- other than the stress of the drive, I guess. I thought I had ordered us a bottle of wine, but she brought us a full litre (hic!) carafe -- so it's a really good thing there were only 30 steps to our motel room. And yes, I was so hungry that we actually ordered dessert -- a rarity for us -- AND I finished all mine, plus a bite of Don's. And then Don got brave and ordered us "deux cafes Espagnol", just to make sure we slept well. Je suis si fier...

And here we are, on Autoroute 20, with sun and lovely blue skies peeking through the clouds at us. I almost need my sunglasses! It's making me smile. Ah, the simple things... Kind of like my nephew Wyatt the other day -- that kid grins at pretty much anything. We'd read some of my old Richard Scarry "Things That Go", and he became enamoured with the idea of a hot air balloon. Found a strawberry crate in the basement, declared it the basket for his hot air balloon, and played with it ALL DAY, excitedly crying "hot air balloon!!" about every five minutes. I think I'm there with the sunshine today. Sunshine!!! Sunshine!!!

Or -- and/or -- maybe it's just that I can feel us getting closer to home. Tomorrow night, I'll be sleeping in my own bed. Once again, I find myself encompassing two extremes -- the gypsy wanderer and the homebody missing her place. Balance, for me, never seems to end up being sitting comfortably in the middle. I think I'd be bored that way. Nope, it's the ever-moving teeter-totter of life that keeps me going. You don't appreciate what you have until it's gone... and then you really appreciate it when you get it back! We've got a few weeks of quiet when we get back. But I know I'm gonna fill it. After I watch the three weeks worth of my cheesy TV shows that I've taped. :-)

Ah, but here we are on the road, me and my one sweet constant -- who I don't seem to get bored of at all, what's with that? ;-) Enjoying the beauty of the day, and now needing to find the sunglasses that have been hidden at the bottom of my purse for days. Life is good. I'm already home, really.

Tonight, the Church Street Cafe in Lennoxville, QC. We're really looking forward to this one -- Don played there solo a number of years ago, but it's my first time there. Radio interview at 5pm, the rest of the day can be nice and relaxed. Did I mention life was good?


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