Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 25

Happy anniversary!  What do you give each other on the 25th day of a tour?  Silver?  Hey, we're still talking.  We're still talking politely.  This is an event in itself...  :-)

The bed in the RV was super-comfy, and the outside air was super-chilly, so we lingered for a while.  But then the call of the bathroom became too alluring.  (There I go with the truth again!)  So we got up and dressed and padded our way down to the house.  Phoenix had already left for school, and Jody was preparing to go to work herself.  We got a wee tour of the house, though (OK, correction, I asked if I could snoop!).  It's a beautiful old house, and while she's done quite a bit of repair and maintenance, she's kept the character.  So there's a beautiful new old-fashioned kitchen, living room with restored trim on the ceiling, etc.  And the obligatory claw-foot bathtub.  Lovely!

I asked if Jody was a part-owner, since she put us up for the night and does the marketing -- NOPE!  She does this all out of the goodness of her heart, and for the occasional coffee at The Cliffs, because she wants to keep live music happening in Enderby.  We love her even more.  :-)

We packed ourselves up and headed back to The Cliffs for our breakfast.  Greek omelette for me, scrambled eggs for Don.  The food was delicious, and the bottomless coffee greatly appreciated, as was the wireless.  We set up office in the corner and hung out for a few hours.  Gregg had asked us to sign the poster, and we also gave the Bistro a signed CD before we left.

Then it was down to Kelowna, to stay with our friends Mike and Ruth for a few days.  Another home away from home -- kind of funny, when we realize we've only stayed there a few days before, in February, but...  As we were driving into town, things started feeling familiar, cosy. :-)

Ruth was home when we got there, Mike still coming back from a job further west.  We got caught up, then Don went to shower while Ruth and I got back to work, then he played guitar while I finally got to wash my hair (you're welcome).  Then Mike was home -- time for more hugs, and perhaps a beverage.

Mike and Don opted for boring old beers.  Ruth and I had blue margaritas.  Whattheheck, we only see each other twice a year! :-)

We had offered to take them out for dinner as a "thank you", so Ruth had made reservations at Hanna's, by the water.  Once again, the food was delicious.  Don had jambalaya, I had wild BC salmon, Ruth had a super-huge rack of ribs (doggie bag!) and Mike had a pizza with... stuff... I can only remember the arugula right now.  The restaurant was on the upper floor, right next to the water, looking out on the harbour.

After dinner, we went for a walk down to the locks and back, then drove home for more visiting and tasty beverages.

Sorry, folks another short one.  Too busy visiting and having fun!



  1. I'm so enjoying being taken along on your travels. I'm enjoying living life as a travelling musician vicariously. Sweet!

  2. Just wait for today's update! ;-)

    Not so sweet...