Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Over to the mainland

Monday morning, Don made us all an eggy breakfast, which we enjoyed on the patio.  Then showers (you're welcome) and packing and... that was it for Vancouver Island. :-(  We packed up the car, hugged our good-byes, and drove off to catch the 1:00 ferry.

It was a smaller ferry than we've been on before, and not terribly busy -- guess 1:00 on a Monday afternoon is a good time to travel!  We grabbed some coffees and camped out at a table with our laptops -- unfortunately, the wireless didn't seem to be terribly strong, so I wasn't able to get a whole lot done.  Drat...

An uneventful journey, and we managed to find our way without much traffic to Tony and Joanne's place in Richmond.  Tony was home waiting for us and getting dinner started, so the three of us had a nice visit and catch-up.  Joanne returned from dance class at about 6:00 with the kids, and we had a delicious dinner -- ribs for the carnivores, salmon for me, BBQ asparagus, potato salad... yum.

After dinner, Don and Tony went out for "boys night" together, Joanne put the kids to bed and went to visit a friend, and I got to do all that work I didn't do on the ferry.  The excitement never ends. :-)

Yeah, I know... not my best blog ever.   Some days are more bloggable than others, and I've still got a poop-load of work to do.  I'll be interesting again later... maybe.  :-)



  1. And I am so grateful that today included meeting up with you and Don!

  2. We are too -- was great to see you again! Just a few more days 'til the next time. :-)