Friday, September 30, 2011


Our 13-1/2 hour drive actually only lasted about 13 -- which includes all of our pit-stops and stopping for lunch in Blind River.

We won't mention which one(s) of us has a lead foot...  ;-)

We pulled in to Swanmore Terrace for the FridayFolk opener, and couldn't find a parking spot!  Had to park up the road.  I've never been so happy to not find a parking spot in my life.

Missed Tyler's opening set, but got there just towards the end of first intermission.  Paul was out for his smoke break and gave us big hugs as we came in.  Our newest volunteer, Meredith, was doing the announcements -- way to step up to the plate, Meredith!

I've never been so happy to be not needed.  :-)

We caught all of Andrew's first set.  Then... we just couldn't do it any more.  Hugged hellos and goodbyes to many people, and headed home to unpack.

The cats looked at us blankly for a moment or two.  Cookie ran outside, realized it was cold, then came the snuggle fest.  Both of them have forgiven us, life is good.

Walked into the kitchen -- Paul had left us flowers and GFB's (great flippin' -- not really flippin', but you get it -- brownies, for the unitiated) as a welcome home.

It's good to be loved.

And it's good to be home.  There are piles of mail to sort through... eventually.  I've found the cheques, the rest can wait.  :-)

We cracked open one of the many bottles of champagne still in our fridge from the wedding.  We survived the tour.  We still love each other.  Our friends still love us.  Our cats forgave us in less than ten minutes.  Life is good.

Much love and gratitude to all who braided paths with us on the road, and all who kept the home fires burning.

We are blessed.

Alyssa & Don

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