Friday, September 2, 2011

No gigs, no driving, no worries

Even Don slept in on Thursday -- bliss! Sandra and Landon were both home -- and already working hard on their conference -- but took a break on the patio to share their breakfast with us.  Kale Smoothies.  Yes, really, even Don.  By some trick of nature, Sandra and I got the larger glasses, Don and Landon got the smaller ones.  Even the smaller glass was apparently a bit too filling for Don. :-)  He wasn't too full for Landon's blackberry jam, though!

We spent the rest of the (very short) morning catching up on e-mails, doing PR (me) downloading ProTools things (Don), and all the various things we need wireless to do properly.  Then I finally got out of my pyjamas. :-)

It was really quite chilly, so we opted for first-day-of-September comfort food: tomato soup and grilled cheese.  Yes, even in Victoria, they get fall.

Sandra and Landon went back to their toil, and we headed out back to harvest some of their blackberries -- a dangerous quest indeed.  We couldn't tell by the end of it what was berry juice and what was blood -- those plants don't give up their fruit without a fight!  Don used the ladder to get the really high stuff, and I stayed below to grab whatever my monkey-arms could reach.  It's probably a good thing we were wearing our fall jackets, because bare-armed would have been very painful, indeed.  Even so, we each had to extricate ourselves a few times from the long branches.

We picked about seven baskets full of berries (not sure how many we ate along the way...).  A big bowl went into the fridge (much of which later went into our mouths too!), and a couple of trays into the freezer, for future jam.

Don and Landon spent some time trying to fix a few broken things out in the garage, including the much-needed kettle.  Jenny serenaded us with the sweet sounds of the shredder, Sandra went back to the phones, and I did more computer crapola.  Definitely a "git'er done" afternoon for all of us.

And then... dinner!  We should seriously go on tour more often, we eat so well (of course, the treadmill is sitting at home all lonely and forlorn...).  Barbecued maple-pepper salmon, corn on the cob and mashed turnips.  Accompanied by a nice Californian Syrah we had brought them as a host gift (geez, does it count as a host gift if you drink part of it?).

The piece-de-resistance, however, was dessert -- Landon had made a blackberry crumble!  Now, Don doesn't usually like crumble, so I was expecting to have to eat some of his (which I'd never have been able to do, considering the size of helping I was given!)  But he not only devoured his own, he finished mine for me as well!   Landon has found the way into Don's crumble-hating heart. :-)  It was a damned good crumble...

More work for all of us, a brief visit in the living room, and then both Don and Landon looked as if they were going to melt into the sofa, so we said our good-nights.

It was a terrific first day off -- even with all that work, we were at least not performing or driving.   And other than the berry-picking, I could have probably stayed in my jammies all day. :-)

Not even remotely musically,

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