Saturday, July 13, 2013

Anniversary Week!

Yes, we've been silent for a while, but we're back at Sir Sam's Inn for our anniversary week, and have already had requests for the food and beverage reports.  Hate to disappoint!

We managed to get here about 6-ish Friday evening, the sun was shining and the air was warm but not muggy in the least -- perfect weather to greet us!  We went to check in and were warmly welcomed back at the front desk.

Our room is in the main building, which we prefer because you don't have to suit up if it rains.  Doesn't seem to matter this week, as so far the weather forecast looks beautiful, but it's still a consideration!

We got up to our room, and it's the biggest darned room we've ever had here!  They must have given us an upgrade or something.  Not that the other rooms have been tiny, mind you, but we could easily host a party in this one.  Take a look for yourself!

Don checking out the fireplace and sitting area

They'd even left us a complimentary bottle of wine and a plate of chocolate-dipped strawberries, with a "welcome back" card on the dining table!

Welcome back gift -- we're special!

Right above the dining table is this beautiful high window:

Skylight above dining area

Although, as we discovered this morning, it does allow a certain amount of light into Alyssa's eye at 5:30am... and as you know, Alyssa doesn't do 5:30am very well.  Alyssa will adjust.  :)

Here's a better angle of the fireplace and sitting area:

Fireplace -- will likely go unused this week!

A beautiful King-sized bed, so we have room for a football team -- or cheerleaders, depending on who's doing the inviting.
Don testing the bed -- with shoes, naughty man!

And we've got a beautiful view of the lake from our bed:

View from our bed

But... on to the Food and Beverage Report!

In true geek fashion, Alyssa took a picture of the menu for you all.  :)

Friday night dinner menu

Our waiter friend Claudio is back, although Omar has gone to Cancun.  We had a new young woman looking after us, Shelby, and Claudio and Deb also helped out.  No photos, we'll have to break them in gently.  :)

We ordered a bottle of "Burning Kiln" Cabernet Franc -- from St. Williams, ON.  It was very smooth and full-bodied, and we'll hopefully be able to find it again at the LCBO.

They brought out home-made bread with some hummus and balsamic dip.  As Don discovered, putting both on the same piece of bread was delicious, even if not intended...

For starters, Don opted for the Caesar Salad with Grilled Romaine Leaves, prosciutto crisp and tomato bruchetta.  I could smell the garlic coming as Claudio brought it to our table -- I took a forkfull of the dressing, and it was incredible.  (If they offer this salad again this week, I'll ask for it without the prosciutto!)  I went for the House Smoked Atlantic Salmon and East Coast Scallop, with pickled cucumber, onions (skipped the bacon) and asparagus with a white wine butter sauce.  Mmm-mmmm!  The salmon was cold (intentionally!), but had been perfectly smoked, and as buttery as the butter sauce.  As they weren't able to wrap the scallop in bacon for me, they wrapped it in a super-thin (almost like a half lasagne noodle) strip of cucumber.  Score!

Don's main course was Grilled AAA Beef Tenderloin with sunnyside quail eggs and truffle scented béarnaise sauce.  He says it was perfect -- he barely needed a knife to cut it.  I thought the eggs looked cute.  What do I know about beef tenderloin...  I had the Pan Seared Citrus Rubbed Rainbow Trout (yes, many sea creatures gave their life for my dinner) with a fresh tomato and basil salsa.  As one of the waiter's (a new guy whose name I didn't catch yet) said when we asked, the salsa was basically home-made pesto mixed with "tomato guts"-- it was absolutely incredible, and we might have to try pesto-and-tomato-gut sauce ourselves when we get home.  The fish was served over a bed of roast potatoes and some asparagus as well.  I almost at the whole thing, but not quite...  Had to save room for dessert!

I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the dessert menu, because Don just ordered for us automatically.  :)  He had his usual strawberries and whipped cream, and ordered what he thought was creme brûlée for me, but was actually creme brûlée cheesecake!  It wasn't a heavy cheesecake, which was good, or I might have died a very happy death, but I still wasn't able to finish it all.  Hopefully Shelby was able to salvage a bite off my leftovers, because she said she had yet to try that dessert.  :)  As it was our first day (any excuse will do), we washed dessert down with a couple of decaf Spanish coffees -- note to self, ask for no whipped cream next time!  I woke up with the sunlight at 5:30am thinking I could still feel the whipped cream, and wondering how I'd ever be able to eat breakfast when I was still so stuffed.

But we are hardy warriors, so managed to get ourselves to breakfast anyhow -- although I was still full from dinner.  We opted for what we thought would be the smaller breakfast -- scrambled eggs with home fries (actually HOME fries) and toast (plus peameal for Don).  Biggest two eggs scrambled I've ever seen -- they must have found some Pterodactyl eggs hiding in the wilderness or something.

The (new?) innkeeper, Ryan, introduced himself at the end of breakfast, welcomed us and said to get in touch if we need anything whatsoever.  Everyone is just so nice and outgoing here.  We were talking with Deb (one of the waiters at dinner) about what a great place it is to work at, and how that really comes across from all the staff... thus making the guests VERY happy campers.  :)

Anyhow, it's another beautiful day in paradise, so we're going to try and get some lakeside reading in, before it's time for our water spa visit and brisk nap.  Life is rough, so much to do...  May even take a little cruise around the lake later.

It's like being back home.  Only with better food.  And people who do everything for you.  And a kick-ass wine cellar.  And a water spa.  And... OK, it has absolutely nothing to do with home.  But we love it.

Happy Saturday!

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