Wednesday, July 17, 2013

F&B Report - and did we mention the Humidex?

It's another hot and muggy day, but we're down by the lake with a wicked breeze and some ice water, so it's a little better than it could be, that's for sure!

So... Tuesday was a very lazy day.  :)  Once the noisy (and hungover) bridal party had left, we sat in the shade on the dock by the lake with our books, and chatted with some of the other guests.  It was a gorgeous day!

Beautiful day

Faint trail of the float plane that went by earlier

The view from our chairs
Just as Max, the waterfront guy, was inviting everyone onto the Lady Hughes for an afternoon cruise, we had to bid adieu to our new friends and head over to our couples massage.  Life is rough...  Don was with Cindy again, but Sheryl had to work elsewhere that afternoon, so I had Cathy instead.  She pretty much worked my shoulders for the whole hour -- and I can almost feel them now!

Here, of course, is a picture of Don blissed out after the massage.

Post-massage Don

We were both pretty pummelled (in a good way!), so had several glasses of ice water in our room, before heading down to the patio for a tasty malt beverage... or two.

Paddleboaters -- too much work for a hot day!
Just sitting on the patio had worked up a sweat, so we were kind and went up to shower before dinner.

Deb was our waiter again, and guess what?  She'd saved us our favourite table!!!  Don't worry, we didn't take more pictures from our favourite table...  But here's the menu.

Tuesday night menu
Actually, we didn't take pictures of our food, either, because we were too busy enjoying eating it!  But we did get a delicious bottle of wine -- again, the best we've had so far.  We looked it up, and it doesn't seem to be available at the LCBO, so we'll have to do some detective work to find it.  It was a delicious 2009 Luigi Righetti Capitel de Roari Amarone.

Wine... very delicious wine!
For appetizers, I had the Village Greek Salad, and Don had the Peaches & Cream Corn Fritter, with Butter Poached Tiger Shrimp and Cold Smoked Salmon.  Both were incredible.

For dinner, Don opted for the Piccata Styled Breast of Free Range Chicken with a Parmesan, Basil & Egg Batter, Sundried Tomato, Eggplant relish and Basil Pesto.  It looked and smelled very good, if you like chicken.  :)  I went for the Pan Seared Duo of West Coast Steelhead & Trout, avoiding the chorizo,  with a Scallop Vinaigrette and Seafood Croquette -- and some added asparagus, to replace the avoided chorizo.  Once again, it was far too much for me -- it's rare I can finish a whole restaurant meal at the best of times, but when I'm that hot, there's just no way.  So I have a nice little boxed lunch for whenever I feel a bit peckish.  :)

Dessert for both of us was a big bowl of strawberries and blueberries.  We headed back up to the room, with the intention of coming back down to the (air-conditionned) bar for a nightcap, but the meal and the wine and the heat had done us in, and we were snoring in no time.

This morning (our actual anniversary), we decided to break with our breakfast tradition and both go for the sweet option -- croissant French toast with a berry compote (Don opted for maple syrup instead, and added some bacon to the deal).  Very decadent!

Now we're down by the lake again, enjoying watching some young folks learn how to windsurf and waterski, loving the wind (thank Dog for the wind, because the humidex is 41 today!), chatting with fellow guests, and visiting with the fauna.  But that's for tomorrow's report.  :)

Hope everyone stays cool, wherever you are!

Lyss & Don

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