Monday, July 15, 2013

F&B Part 3

And so... after the Sunday morning conference call and obligatory food and beverage report, we headed down to the waterfront to continue our brave quest for relaxation and slobbitude.  (Neither Blogger nor my spell-checker believe that's a word, but I think it should be!)

The front deck and the "Lady Hughes"

I finished my first book, Drew Hayden Taylor's "Motorcycles and Sweetgrass" -- a great book!  Not afraid to tackle difficult issues, but in a humorous and magical fashion.  I loved it.

Alyssa with Drew Haydn Taylor's "Motorcycles and Sweetgrass"
Don is still reading Stephen King's "11/22/63" -- it's about 800 pages, and I think carrying it around might be giving him back problems!

From the front deck to the boat house
After such a difficult early afternoon, we headed to the Spa, for our first couples massage -- Cindy and Sheryl were happy to see us back, and boy, were we happy to see them!!!  An hour of bodies being (lovingly) pummelled into feeling woozledy and wonderful.  They also confirmed our view that we've got the best room in the resort -- lucky us!  (We have yet to take advantage of the jacuzzi in our room -- it's felt too hot so far, but we'll have to jump in at least once.)

With orders to drink lots of water, because they'd really worked through Don's shoulders and my shoulders and arms, we headed back to the deck.

Don, blissed out after our couples massage
Of course, even at 4:30pm, the sun was too much for our pale, Celtic-heritage skin, so after finishing our ice water, and with the humidity rising, we headed to our room to hang out under the ceiling fan and drink beer naked.

This is the only photo you're getting of that part of the day.  You're welcome.  :)

Naked beer under the ceiling fan

When naked beer was finished, Don got dressed (because we care) and went down to the bar for refills.  The following picture shows you why Cindy thought we should have lots of WATER after the massage:

The afternoon after the naked beer before

After his beauty sleep, it was time for dinner!  We lucked out and got the best table in the dining room -- up against the double doors (with screens, because it does get buggy at night!).

Here's the view from our table:
Dinnertime sunset
After the sunset

Here's the menu for Sunday night:

We went Italian for the wine, Terre Avare, Salento Negroamaro (forget the year).  It was our favourite so far this trip, not that any of them have been bad choices:

For appetizers, I had the Peaches & Cream Corn Fritters, garnished with Eggplant Caviar -- our waiter, Deb, gave Don my prosciutto instead.  Because he didn't have nearly enough protein in his appetizer: Scallop Chorizo Sausage Salad with smoked salmon-wrapped asparagus and olive basil vinaigrette.  Both were delicious!

Don opted for the Grilled AAA Beef Tenderloin, with a mantle of goat cheese and olive oil poached roma tomato, served with a rosemary demi-glaze.  When it showed up at the table, it looked like a mile-high burger -- the beef (once again, like butter) was a couple of inches tall, the goat cheese another inch above that, plus the tomato to top it all off.  It looked too huge, but he ate the whole darned thing.  :)

I went for the Pan Seared Rainbow Trout, with a citrus and pernod sauce.  It was actually TWO fillets, stacked on top of roast potatoes, carrots and cauliflower.  I don't think even Don could have finished the whole thing.  I saved about half for lunch today!  Deb was worried I didn't like it because I left so much, but it was absolutely delicious.

This is me saying "that was delicious" -- or something... hard to tell, because it's blurry (too much Amarone?)

Post dinner bliss

For dessert, we BOTH opted for the strawberries with whipped cream, although I asked for less whipped cream than usual, because I'm a good person.  :)

And this is me, realizing I'd actually eaten all my dessert (notice the wee sunburn -- this from 15 minutes in the 4:30pm sun!)
Strawberries and cream?  Where?

Here's one of the least-blurry pictures Don took of our waiter, Deb:

Deb, our fabulous waiter
And then, to get even, she took a picture of us:

Post-dinner bliss
Hmmm... maybe we should start taking these photos BEFORE wine is consumed?!?!?

Exhausted from our busy (!) day, and rubbery from our massages... and perhaps the wine... we headed up to our room (and ceiling fan) for the night.

When we woke up this morning, it was another beautiful day -- and yesterday's humidity seems to have disappeared and been replaced by a lovely breeze.

For breakfast, Don opted for his usual, and I went for the tomato-mushroom-cheddar omelette.  It was the perfect size, and I managed to eat everything but my toast, which Don enjoyed slathered in strawberry jam, because we're on vacation!

Now we're back on the front porch, enjoying some more coffee, reading, and that beautiful breeze.  Once I get the laptop put away, I think I'm going for a swim, too.

Happy Monday, everyone -- hope you don't TOTALLY hate us yet!

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