Tuesday, July 16, 2013

F&B report, with a humidex of 2000

It's another day of not doing much.  Although we may spend some of our "not doing much" time in the pub today, as it's the only room (other than our massage rooms) with air-conditioning.  Keep in mind, it's strictly for the air conditioning...  (believe me?  didn't think so!)

Monday was another gorgeous day in paradise.  Sunny and breezy and lovely.  We spent the early part of the day parked in our favourite spot on the front porch, with our books (I've just started a really funny one, called "The 100-year-old Man who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared").

Then the new owner (since April), Ryan, took us out on the Lady Hughes with 6 other guests, for a little boat cruise.  It was a perfect day for it!

Don cruisin' -- and one of the lovely guests from Switzerland (they weren't too impressed with the ski hill...)

Lake view of Sir Sam's
Here's a slightly closer-up picture of the main building of Sir Sam's.   You can see our room -- see the dark awning to the right of the lighter part of the building with the 2-storey window?  The awning is over the screened-in patio, and our room is the two sets of windows above it.

Closer view of the main building.

The water levels are so high this year, the beach area is only a couple of feet.  Those of you who have seen my FaceBook cover picture (skeet shooting on the beach) will know that it was quite a large beach area in November -- the water actually moved the gazebo back several feet in the spring!

After the boat cruise, we went back to our spot on the front porch, grabbed a couple of beers, and Don finished his Stephen King book, while I went in for a swim.  Then I managed to convince him to join me in the Water Spa, and we spent almost an hour blissed-out in there, followed by showers and more naked beer back in our room.

By the time dinner rolled around, it was starting to get mighty humid, so we were especially glad when Shelby showed us to our favourite table for the second night in a row -- right next to the double-doors.  The breeze was definitely necessary!

Are you tired of pictures from our favourite table yet?  Too bad.  :)

Once again, a delicious menu awaited us:

Monday night menu
And we chose another great wine (they just keep getting better!), a Waterstone 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon from the Napa Valley.
Mmm... wine!

It was great to have so many appetizers to choose from that I could eat!  I chose the Marinated Tomato & Onion Concasse on Fine Herbed Crustini with Black Bean Pesto and Shaved Parmesan -- absolutely delicious, but definitely not date food, as there was no possible way to eat it without getting messy.  :)
Lyssy's appetizer
Don went for the Black Cherry Wood Smoked Pork Belly with a Seafood Cake & Chipotle Creme Fraiche.
Don's appetizer
The phone started using flash, so I didn't take pictures of the main courses, sorry!  Don had the Crackling Breast of Free Range Chicken with Penne Pasta, Lemon, White Wine, Tomato Short Jus and Grilled Vegetables.  I went for the vegetarian alternative, which was basically the same dinner Don had, minus the chicken, and with grilled asparagus and shaved parmesan and some more of that delicious pesto that Dave (the chef) makes.  Turns out, our waiter Deb and Dave the chef are a couple.  He doesn't like to cook at home, though.  Very sad.  :(

We both opted for a dish of fresh blueberries (huge blueberries!) and stawberries for dessert.

Then we headed up to our room, but discovered it felt like a sauna, even with the ceiling fan going.  So we headed down to the pub, which is air conditioned, for a cold beer and some pathetic pool playing.  We played four games, all of which lasted much longer than if people who knew what they were doing were playing, but we had the pub to ourselves, so didn't feel guilty.  Besides, I think Tim (the bar man -- or bar boy, because I probably could have given birth to him) was secretly entertained by our shenanigans.  :)

The three-time champion

Master shot

The one-time champion, and a finger
I did not know Don was taking a video.  He may have gotten in trouble for this afterwards.  :)

Then the drunken bridal party came into the bar, so we decided to save our eardrums and make our escape.  Tim poured us a couple of single malts and we headed upstairs to brave the heat.  We're wondering what might happen if you put ice cubes in a Jacuzzi...

We might have been a little slow-moving this morning, but still made it to breakfast.  Don went for the usual (yawn...) and I had a Roma tomato, green onion and goat cheese frittata.  We also had a lot of orange juice and coffee.

It's 31 degrees today, 37 with the humidex, so we're enjoying the breeze and laying low for now.  Don's now started the Drew Hayden Taylor book I was reading before, so I guess I have to get back to "work" and finish my book so he has something when he's done!

Hard life we lead...

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